Yesterday I moved my mail server from a physical machine to a virtual machine running on top of esxi. As the old server was running Ubuntu 8.04 and zimbra 7.2.1 (open source) I decided to take this opportunity to begin the upgrade path to zimbra 8. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 and did a clean install of zimbra 7.2.1. I then replaced the opt/zimbra/ directory with the backup of the /opt/zimbra directory off the physical machine. The new /opt/zimbra directory resides on an iscsi lun and has been mounted as an ext3 file system. After running again I was having an error with imapproxy not starting (and asking for a sudo password). After researching this issue I decided that it appeared I did not need imapproxy (single server environment) and followed posts on how to disable it from the CLI. Once this was disabled I was able to start zimbra and most things seemed fine. Unfortunately imap was no longer available for my off-site and mobile users. As I have a number of these types of users this is a big deal but it was 1 AM and time to put the project aside for the night. I spent much of today researching how to re-enable this since I was unable to change the imap ports through the admin console (some sort of java exception, I apologize for not keeping a record of the exact error). I was unable to find anything about how to fix these issues and was unable to reconfigure zimbra by running the installer again. I finally decided to just upgrade to zimbra 8 in order to reaccess configurations from the installer. This seemed to work right up until the database integrity was to be checked. The installer reported that starting mysqld failed (/opt/zimbra/mysql/bin/mysqlcheck: Got error: 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/opt/zimbra/db/mysql.sock' (2) when trying to connect). The installer continues from this point up until the point when Mysql must start again then it just hangs.

I can find nothing on what to do about this and am currently sitting in a very bad situation with no functioning (and up to date) email server and the work week looming. Any help and/or constructive suggestions would be greatly appreciated.