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Thread: Mail rules for internal users

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    Question Mail rules for internal users


    I've searched around a bit and was unable to find anything similar, though perhaps i'm just using the wrong terminology.
    We've fairly recently started using Zimbra in our environment here and i'm looking for some specific features.

    We have a reasonably large group of users i want to take away the ability to send mail to anyone but their supervisors.

    Also i need to remove their ability to recieve mail from anyone eccept their supervisors.

    I have set up Transport Rules ont he hub transport server in exchange 2007 and was hoping that Zimbra had similar funtionality.

    I'll set an example and hopefully someone can help.

    I have a good amount of experience on Exchange 2007 and 2010.
    Limited exposure to linux.

    We're using Zimbra Version: 8.0.1_GA_5438.FOSS
    Split Domain is set up with Exchange 2007 rules still get processed on the exchange. I know the processing will only happen if the mail is sent to the exchange.

    I'm looking to set up similar rules on our zimbra server.


    Members of the group of users (distribution list) may not Recieve mail from Internal Users except members of (distribution list)

    Members of the group of users (distribution list) may not sent mail to the outside world.

    Members of the group of users (distribution list) may not sent mail to (distribution list)

    From what i can gather i'll probably need to create lists for postfix to do the work with.
    Also read something about function called Milter.
    and heard about transport table but i don't know if it's relevant.

    Really not sure where to go next. . . please help.

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    I managed to find something related that might work on the wiki but the instructions are for older version and don't work anymore.
    RestrictPostfixRecipients - Zimbra :: Wiki no longer exists so i'm forced to stop there with that example

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    I figured out how to get a list of internal email addresses to only recieve mail from a list of allowed email addresses.
    The outdated RestrictPostfixRecipients - Zimbra :: Wiki helped to some degree but the Zimbra 8 (8.0 or 8.0.1) system has changed enought from 7 to make tracking this feature down quite difficult for someone with limited exposure to linux. For that matter anyone trying to search the forums through 23420 topics

    Main culprits to look out for is "" is used to actually modify the and that modifies the file . . . . . . . . . .
    Next the file is now known as (from what i can gather)
    Next moved

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