Hi all,

some words about the setup:
I am forced to use Zimbra as a second mailserver (department internal) because we are only getting provides pop3 accounts from the IT. So all of our email addresses (user@domain.com) are forwarded to user@zimbra.domain.com.
(domain forwarding and masquerading as written in http://http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Managing_Domains)

But now the problem is that emails from the autoresponder will be rejected by the primary mailserver because of the wrong rcpt.

example from mailbox.log:
2012-12-06 16:10:27,371 INFO  [LmtpServer-25] [name=user@zimbra.domain.com;mid=5;ip=;] mailbox - outofoffice sent dest='user@external.com' rcpt='user@zimbra.domain.com' mid=34102
Is there a possibility to change "user@zimbra.domain.com" to "user@domain.com" for autoresponder in Zimbra

thanks in advance