Hi all

we are running zimbra for our company and also as a hosting company for third parties. We are located in Switzerland and the I18nMsg_de.properties are not very accurate for us and our customers.

Our currency is Swiss Francs not Euro, and also the mask to enter contacts look kind of strange for someone from Switzerland maybe also for someone in Germany as we usually both write the Zip in front of the City and not like it is done in the US.

I've seen that for other regions there are more than one language file, like Portugal and Brasil or en_GB and en_US.

So how about a localization for Switzerland? I know we are much smaller than Los Angeles or Brasil but we are not that much smaller than Portugal.

Our customers are often asking if we could adjust this or that to make it look more Swiss so that people are familiar with the formatting of all the different things within Zimbra.

I am also willing to contribute information if you plan to integrate Swiss localization.