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Thread: Upgrade and Merge two servers

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    Default Upgrade and Merge two servers

    I have been tasked with merging two zimbra servers 1) zimbra 7.2.1 on redhat 5.8 and 2) zimbra 7.2.1 on Redhat 4. I have read "King0770-Notes-Merge Two Independent Machines." My question is on what is the best order of doing things. The process I was planing on following was to upgrade both servers to redhat 6.

    For server 1
    a) copy opt/zimbra from redhat 5 to redhat 6 server
    b) download zimbra 7.2.1 for redhat 6 and run ./

    For Server 2
    a) copy opt/zimbra from redhat 4 to redhat 5 server
    b) download zimbra 7.2.1 for redhat and run ./

    a) copy opt/zimbra from redhat 5 to redhat 6 server
    b) download zimbra 7.2.1 for redhat 6 and run ./

    Now with both both machines at Zimbra 7.2.1 on Redhat 6

    The major question is should I Merge the two independent machines at the zimbra 7.2.1 level for merge them once we have migrated both machines to Zimbra 8?

    Thanks any help would be appreciated.

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    Personal preference, I would do it at 7.2.1 first and make sure everything looks good.

    However, be very careful. That is not certified Zimbra documentation, and it's a little bit of under-the-hood trickery.

    If you are using Network Edition, it would be easier/better to backup/restore the accounts into a new server.
    If you are using Open Source edition, you may want to look at Zimbra to Zimbra Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki for a supported method.
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