Hi All,

I have a CentOS 5 Server that I am going to use as a mirror for our current Zimbra mail server. I obvisouly want the mirror to be on the same version as the production machine. I am not sure exactly what version of Zimbra Collaboration Suite our production machine is on. I went into the Admin panel and then clicked on "Software Updates" under the "Tools" section. I clicked on the "check now" button. There is a line there that says: "Software updates are available for your Zimbra server!" There is also a line that says the following: “7.2.1 critical”. I am not sure if this is saying I am on version 7.2.1 and there are critical updates for it or if it is saying that I need to update to version 7.2.1. Also, after hitting the "check now" button, I got an email that said: "The following updates were found: 1. critical. Version: 7.2.1_20120815212042_2790". Is there any way for me to tell exactly what version of Zimbra Collaboration Suite I am on? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.