I have set up Zimbra as a test, seeing if it really is better than Exchange 2010, first problem..

Receive an email addressed to an alias account, it arrives no problems, says to "name@domaina.com", however when i hit reply, its going to send it from the default account name (name@zimbra.domain.com), i can change this manually in the "from" selection box. I cant deploy a mail server like that, Zimbra knows which email address this mail arrived to, how do i get it to send it from the correct account (ive looked and cant find a setting)?

I thought this wouldn't be a problem as VMWare says Out of Office notifications go from the correct account, however it appears mails dont...

ideas please (to confirm, Exchange 2010 wont do this either, however with a plugin from IVASoft it will with no problems (and does it very well)).

Many Thanks