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Thread: Attachment Size disparity ?

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    Default Attachment Size disparity ?

    My MTA is separated from the other services on a different machine. I tried to send an 8meg attachment through and it failed. So I went to the admin console and made both message and attachent size 10240 (supposedly this is kb) or 10 meg.

    Being distrustful I also found that I can change the values from zmprov.

    In a forum post I found this:

    for message size: zmprov mcf zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize size-in-bytes

    So took that literally and set it to 10485760. I also set the attachment size to that limit but I could not find a corresponding value in the

    I checked the postfix file and saw my changes (good) However I tried to send a mail and it was rejected with the same message.

    Do I have to do a restart on tomcat, postfix all when I make that change?

    If so is there a chart that exists that can tell you when you need to restart something based on a config change.


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