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Thread: ZCS - An import process was already running

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    Default ZCS - An import process was already running

    Hi all.

    I use zimbra community edition 8, on the server I have 10 emails that download mail using a pop3 server.

    only one of these does not work:

    2012-12-11 14:28:54,531 INFO [ScheduledTask-2] [;mid=14;ds=Esterno2;] datasource - Requested import.
    2012-12-11 14:28:54,531 INFO [ScheduledTask-2] [;mid=14;ds=Esterno2;] datasource - Attempted to start import while an import process was already running. Ignoring the second request.

    It does not return any error, but looking at the log of the pop3 server (external) I see for that I do not receive calls, if not the manual test.

    This is cfg:
    # name Esterno2
    # type pop3
    objectClass: zimbraDataSource
    objectClass: zimbraPop3DataSource
    zimbraCreateTimestamp: 20121211104637Z
    zimbraDataSourceConnectionType: cleartext
    zimbraDataSourceEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraDataSourceFolderId: 2
    zimbraDataSourceId: 2a50d2a4-30d6-4430-ae9d-aeaf083055ee
    zimbraDataSourceImportOnly: FALSE
    zimbraDataSourceLeaveOnServer: FALSE
    zimbraDataSourceName: Esterno2
    zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval: 1m
    zimbraDataSourcePort: 110
    zimbraDataSourceType: pop3
    zimbraPrefFromDisplay: Local name

    Any ideas ?


    edit: [half-resolved]

    It's remote server problem.
    zimbra why I did not report an error?
    even a timeout?

    On the remote server there 'a blockage caused by some malformed message (I think).

    removed all the old posts and restarted the server zimbra (the unit) the outer pop3 is once again working.
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