Hi there,

Not sure how easy this will be to answer but I'm looking to implement a new Zimbra Open Source server for our business and I'm looking for some advice/guidance on how admin resource required for the server. This is what I'm looking at...

Either installing Ubuntu Server 10/12.04.LTS and Zimbra Open Source Edition 8.0 seperatley or via an appliance, looking at the Vmware appliance or Turnkey (although Turnkey bundles with Open Source v.5 so I'f then have to upgrade).

The server would only be supporting around 120 mailboxes, 50 of which would belong to users and the rest would be accessed by various in-house server apps to send/recieve mail.

All of our mail solutions thus far have been externally hosted so my main question is how much Admin time is going to be required for Open Source Edition (with Clam AV + SPAM Assasin etc) as a business solution.


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