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Thread: Multi domain SMTP authentication on sending (from server)

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    Default Multi domain SMTP authentication on sending (from server)


    I am testing Zimbra (Ubuntu x64), however i cant find in the domain settings where to put the relay domain / IP and SMTP authentication username / password and security layer in the SMTP sending area in the admin console.

    I have 2 domains ( and, when sending mail from each this works (end to end), however with one domain i need to relay through a SPAM filter, where do i set the A record name (or IP address) and username / password / security layer (SSL / TLS) for

    I am suire this has to be somewhere, i am using Ubuntu x64, the GUI doesn’t seem to show in the domain area.

    I have seen this from wiki however in v8 i cant add any authentication AND i cant find how to do this for each domain i have, looks like a global setting for the whole server!

    Many Thanks
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    Many Thanks

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