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Thread: Correct domain name and DNS Record for internal Domain

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    Default Correct domain name and DNS Record for internal Domain


    I am trying to set up a Zimbra 8.0.1 Appliance for our new server environment.
    We have 100 mail users. I tried single node and multi node installation, but it always ends up with the logger not working.
    I use the OVF on our Esxi 5.1.
    We have set up an internal Active Directory- domain named mydomain.local. The e-mail adresses will end with Which domain name shall i use on the initial setup, .local or .de? so far i used the .de domain, but perpahs this is the reason for my problems. today I tried using the .local domain for the installation, of course i have the A records and a MX record in my internal dns server for the .local domain.
    I need a hint which is the way to go?

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    We are using multiserver installation, and Split DNS solution with the same server hostnames, only resolving to different IPs - e.g. External DNS resolution for is from external IPs, but internal - the same is for internal IPs. So the users are not confused, from which part of your network, they connect to server. Obviously, hosts have 1 NIC and IP each.

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