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Thread: Why is it necessary to backup the mysql database?

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    Default Why is it necessary to backup the mysql database?

    I am testing Zimbra 8 NE (single node). I read in the doc:
    MySQL Backup and Restore - Zimbra :: Wiki
    "Sites that need an extra level of redundancy for their MySQL data can use the MySQL Binary Log and mysqldump. (...) As of HELIX (version 7.x) of ZCS, there is an option to automatically run full mysqldumps as part of the nightly zmbackup (mysql_backup_retention)"

    Sorry for the naive question, but I don't understand why the proper procedure to recover from a mysql crash is not to restore the latest zimbra backup. If mysql is restored, how to be sure that the message store is synchronized with the restored dump?

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    That is specifically for the MySQL database. Larger sites will have that on a different high performance volume, and it is possible that the database may crash, while the rest of the server remains in tact. For a large site, if there is only a database server/volume crash, they can recover just the database much faster than absolutely everything.

    The Zimbra backups do include what is needed for the database, so it is not required to backup the database as described in that document. It's just another level of added redundancy for people who care to take it that far.
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