I am testing Zimbra ZCS v8 (Ubuntu v10), i need to edit the postfix main.cf (which i assume its the one located /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/main.cf), however as Zimbra loads its own version of postfix, there doesn't seem to be the command postmap which i would need to hash the maps file and password file.

Am i safe loading the default postfix in Ubuntu then disabling the service or will it break everything (so i can get access to postmap command)?

I am needing to set up a relay map file for each sender (using the FROM address) so will attempt to use "sender_dependent_relayhost_maps" in the main config. There are some email addresses i need to relay, the rest i need Zimbra to send end to end direct from the MTA.

I have never played with postfix before so if there's a better way of doing this please let me know (not liking the idea of playing with the config directly but zimbra doesn't seem to allow me o setup each FROM address with SMTP authentication).

Last how do i find the version of postfix Zimbra is using?

Many Thanks