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Thread: Inbox referesh on new mail arrive zcs v8.0.1

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    Exclamation Inbox referesh on new mail arrive zcs v8.0.1

    [SOLVED TEMPORARY] Rechecking current setup, noticed, that Inbox reload on fresh multiserver install does not work. Users actually have to click on Inbox folder, or use Reload button, to get latest data populated on screen. I was looking for mail Polling interval settings, but I think it's connected with external datasource (pop/imap/rss) use. Settings in user Preferences to "As new mail arrives" or setting particular time - 2, 5 minutes, actually does not have any effect.

    Can anybody please give a hint or direction for particular settings of ZCS stack responsible for these actions?

    No zimlets used at all, to let things happen as a basis, but still can not achieve automatic mail checking in Zimbra web interface.
    Last edited by j2b; 12-27-2012 at 02:34 PM. Reason: Marking as solved for now, while bug is resolved

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