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Thread: from address expansion with zmmailbox

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    Default from address expansion with zmmailbox

    is there any way to return the "from" address in a zmmailbox search?

    Currently it just shows me the display name of the sender (not the address)...

    Im having to run zmmailbox to get the message id's then put that in a loop to do a "gm" (get message) on the ID, and grep out the From:

    [zimbra@angelia ~]$ zmmailbox -z -m s -l 200 -t message "to:"
    num: 127, more: false

    Id Type From Subject Date
    ------ ---- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------
    1. 161409 mess Russell Summer Newsletter 12/17/12 10:59

    So, how can i expand "Russell"?


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    ah -v... i had tried that, but i was putting it in the wrong place, if i put it after the "s" , then it gave me more verbosity which i could then grep for sender address

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