I am implementing openotp (Two-Factor Authentication - e-Identity - PKI Solutions) for the zimbra mail client user,
Openotp uses authentication based on ldap users.
These ldap users can be located in the ldap server connected to the otp server on the same physical machine or they can be located on the external ldap server.

im using zimbra 7.0.1(tried using 8.0.1 also) on SLES SP1-firewall is turned off.
Tried accessing ldap users located in the internal ldap of zimbra mail server from the ldap client present in SLES and also windows based ldap client but was not connecting(i was facing the problem with accessing ldap before also when trying to migrate the user account to the upgraded version of zimbra then i had to use cmd prompt for that)
Is it also possible to access internal Ldap of Zimbra remotely

How do i go about it??

Thanks for any help!!