We're using resource accounts on Zimbra GA 8.0.0 (Ubuntu 64 bit) as a poor man's public folders. We would like them to appear in the GAL, so that when web client users are creating a message, they can easily address it to one of these resource accounts.

I've already tried the following:

zmprov mcf zimbraGalAlwaysIncludeLocalCalendarResources TRUE

And ensured that each resource has the GAL attributes properly set:

zimbra:~$ zmprov ga isconference@mednax.com | grep Gal
zimbraFeatureGalAutoCompleteEnabled: TRUE
zimbraFeatureGalEnabled: TRUE
zimbraFeatureGalSyncEnabled: TRUE
zimbraGalSyncAccountBasedAutoCompleteEnabled: TRUE
zimbraPrefGalAutoCompleteEnabled: TRUE
zimbraPrefGalSearchEnabled: TRUE

They do appear as locations in the Calendar, but we need them to be addressable by mail... they receive mail fine, but without being in the GAL, it's rather hard for end users to hit them.