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Thread: Briefcase shared folder not found 404 Problem after migration 8.0.1 -> 8.0.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by zakariad View Post
    That's absolutely no justification for taking people's money and churning out bug-ridden software.
    I never said it was a 'justification' for anything but the software isn't bug ridden in my experience and yes, I know there are bugs and issues for some people. You made a statement that implied ZCS was the only mail software with bugs, I was just enquiring which software you thought was 'bug free'.

    Quote Originally Posted by zakariad View Post
    If Zimbra wants to be anywhere near the leader in this field - they will have to get much more polished than this. At the moment it's still a hit & run effort. You install and pray everything works.
    Not really a reflection of reality for most ZCS users, I guess you tested this update in a lab environment before updating your production server?

    Quote Originally Posted by zakariad View Post
    I'm sorry this doesn't cut with me - especially after coughing up so much of money for it.
    I'm sure that the problem is frustrating for you and I assume you've taken this up with the relevant contact at Zimbra so I'll leave you to it.


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    This does not solve the problem with breifcase sharing that appears with 7.2.2 and 8.0.2 updates. In this thread there is a "fix" but this is not a good solution. And perhaps i do it not the good way, but in my lab I do not test every link and every tool of the ZWC. After testing that it was possible to send e-mails and see every tab, I considered that the update was good for production. How long do you think we have to test updates before prod ?


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