Hello everybody.

It is now clear that family mailboxes have been removed from Zimbra 8.

I think I’m not the only one who is disappointed by this move from Zimbra (Even if according to their spokesman this was only “marginally used” by their customers and is replaced by the new “advance sharing functions” in Zimbra 8)

In our company we have a massive use of family mailboxes. Its vanishing is now a clear blocker for our migration to Zimbra 8.

Has someone worked out an efficient way to use sharing or whatever function there is in Zimbra to give an approaching experience for our users?

I’ve heard about “multi-account” but haven’t found much documentation about that.

Well… Any help would be appreciated.

Having to revert to Exchange would really be a bad move after 5 years of Zimbra and a lot of work for our ~1000 users.

Thank you for your help