HI guys,

It's been a while since I did come over here.
I recently passed the way and Installed the latest ZCS8.
I have now a little problem that I hope can be solved with this version.
I should not be the only one to face this isssue but can't find any help on the forum, so here it is :

I own a dedicated server with 2 IP address on the same network adapter (virtual IP), and I want each of this I.P to own its WebServer (one for Apache, one for Zimbra).
I have no problem with Apache to listen to the right I.P, but I have trouble with Zimbra who seems to listen on everything incoming.
I ve handled this problem in ZCS5 by modifying some of the tomcat config files, but hings haved changed from now.

Does anyone can help me with this ?
Thanks a lot.