Hi there

Ive been testing Zimbra Live Sync as per instructions found here: Server Live sync - Zimbra :: Wiki

After a few tests i must say im quite impressed. The sync was seamless. Everything was in there: mails, accounts...

But im having a little issue running "live_syncd" on the "ex-live" server. Let me explain.

We have "live server" and "backup server". We run live_syncd on the BACKUP SERVER and it starts syncing with the LIVE server via ssh (after creating keys).

When LIVE SERVER fails, the procedure is simply to stop live_syncd at the BACKUP server and start zimbra there. That is working just fine. live and backup are now reversed.

Now i want to fallback to my ex-live server. The procedure is to start live_syncd on the ex-live, let it catch up with the changes and start zimbra on it, but running live_syncd on ex-live is throwing an error:

"Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,password)."

And i cannot fallback to the original server. I know its related to ssh keys but i cant find the reason why. /opt/zimbra/.ssh/ is identical at both servers.

Any clues?