Hi fellow admins

Some of our clients are fond of the auto-reply feature. They use it to notify known and unknown clients about "out of office" times, email address migrations, and such issues.

The problem is that Zimbra's auto-reply feature seems to trigger some of ips.backscatterer.org's spam traps. This puts our servers into their RBL, therefore telling us that our servers are behaving somewhat out of netiquette.

This page over on backscatterer.org gives a few hints on what they consider acceptable targets for an autoresponder.

Does anybody know, 1. if there is an easy way to tell their spam traps from legit senders (such as a forged From: header, or such) so that they can be blocked at the spam filter level, and 2. if there is a way to make Zimbra's autoresponder more picky about the messages it replies to, instead of blindly replying to anything that passes the spam and virus filters?