Dear All

I have a full backup that hangs (Release 6.0.5_GA_2213.UBUNTU8_64 UBUNTU8_64 NETWORK edition).

When I look at /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log, I see a myriad of messages of the type

2013-01-05 09:14:51,212 INFO [FullBackupThread] [;mid=16;] misc - wake up from wait for completion of shared delivery; mailbox=16 # of shared deliv=1 is the mailbox at which the backup hangs.

I now have aborted the backup (zmbackupabort).

I have read that problems of this type may be tied to corrupt mailbox indices, so I tried reindexing the account. However, when doing this from the GUI, I get the message that a reindexing is already in process. When I try to stop the reindexing from the command line and then check if it has stopped, I get:

zimbra@server:~/log$ zmprov rim cancel
status: cancelled
progress: numSucceeded=0, numFailed=0, numRemaining=0
zimbra@server:~/log$ zmprov rim status
status: running
progress: numSucceeded=0, numFailed=0, numRemaining=0

When I grep mailbox.log for messages containing "index", I see messages of the type

2013-01-05 16:32:49,556 WARN [ReIndex-1] [;mid=16;] ParsedMessage - Unable to parse part 2 (image.pdf, application/octet-stream) of message with Message-ID <>.
2013-01-05 16:32:49,557 WARN [ReIndex-1] [;mid=16;] ParsedMessage - Attachment will not be indexed.
2013-01-05 16:32:49,563 WARN [ReIndex-1] [;mid=16;] ParsedMessage - Message had analysis errors in 1 parts (Message-Id: <>, Subject: [Fwd: Rechnungen / Invoices])

Any advice how to proceed?