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    Default Translation advice needed


    I know this is not the most appropriate place for such a question, but as this forum is most popular, I hope to get answered here.
    I started translating ZCS 8.0.2 into Slovenian language and faced few problems, so advice is appreciated:

    1.) Regarding file - there seems to be some keywords, which AJAX interface is using to properly respond. For example, if it recognizes "Forwarded message" or string "today", it then acts accordingly. So this file is to be translated with caution, because it can affect behavior of Web user interface.
    Am I correct?

    2.) After I translated 3 main files:
    some numbering changed badly. For example:
    - Check for new mail frequency in drop-down is now every 2.000 minutes, every 3.000 minutes etc
    - Calendar reminder dropdown to, will remind you 15.000 minutes before appointment
    Any suggestion, where did I fail?

    3.) And real ADMIN question:
    How to reload translation quickly in ZCS 8.0.2 or later versions, without doing full zimbra services restart (zmcontrol restart)?
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