Hello all,

I have a testing environment utilising Zimbra OSE 7.2.2
What I have currently done is creating a test domain called company.local, setting up correct MX,A records for zone company.local and also creating some accounts belonging on this domain.
So far so good.Now our production mail resides on Google Apps.We have a small environment with about 30 mailboxes there.
Our official domain called company.com has MX records pointing on Google Apps and each user retrieves emails by using POP3 protocol.
What I want to achieve is keeping Google Apps as our primary e-mail retriever server and utilising Zimbra as a secondary server.
Note that I do not want to place company.com domain directly to zimbra but keep company.local on it instead.
What I have done so far is:

1. Created a user called foo@company.local on zimbra.
2. Created an alias for it called foo@company.com corresponding the "real" email account which resides on gmail.
3. Created a pop3 external account for the above account so the foo@company.local user retrieves mails of foo@company.com.
4. Set up foo@company.local account to send e-mails as foo@company.com from web interface -> preferences.
5. Set up MTA relay for external delivery, our ISPs smtp server.

Now, this scenario seems to work for incoming mails. I can successfully retrieve emails of foo@company.com mailbox to foo@company.local.
The problem is with outgoing mail.For some reason,although I have set up the user to send mails as foo@company.com, they still are being sent as foo@company.local
So, the email is not reaching the recipient and it returns back with "Sender address rejected: Domain not
found (in reply to MAIL FROM command)" message which is normal as the message try to be delivered with a "fake" domain.
My question is how can I achieve to send mails which seem originating from foo@company.com user from zimbra?
Split DNS is not an option as I want all emails (incoming/outgoing) to be sent on Google Apps.

Thank you