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Thread: emails body text disappear when sending emails through Office 2010

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    Default emails body text disappear when sending emails through Office 2010

    a strange thing started when using office 2010 "send as" option.
    my topology:
    zimbra server 7.2.0
    25 clients using zimbra connector (version under outlook 2010.

    when the users try to send a document from the office or excel interface ( file-->send as-->).
    the massage opens up and file is inserted into the massage as attachment.
    but when the massage is delivered all the text that was written in the massage is gone.

    i updated the OS and the latest zimbra luck there.

    any ideas ?


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    I'm not sure if it's the same issue that I've seen, but we have a similar problem. Manager sends an email to an employee, the employee (Using Seamonkey) replies with the requested information.

    Outlook displays it as a blank email. Turns out, viewing the email in the web portal (Show original), will give the email, along with the message that the employee responded with. The HTML codes for color as well. Reviewing the codes, showed to be White background and Black text. Outlook was displaying as white background and very faint yellow text.

    The cause is because Outlook uses Word to display HTML code and it doesn't handle it properly. There are no plans by Microsoft to fix it, they suggest, "Use Outlook on both ends"

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