Dear all ,

first of all iam very new to zimbra and i have no big experience in it , so please be patient with me , then i would like to appreciate your efforts and great work you all do ,

i have a very simple situation i'm going to explain it and if something isn't clear you can inquiry,

i have a domain related to my company , but w have email server (smtp, imap) there remotely & we have our webmail but it is very poor of features and utilities ,

i used the roundcube webmail as just MTA to enable user to login and fetch his mail from our external server and sending emails also through this external mail by configuring roundcube smtp's and imap's setting to the external setting ,

so can i do this in with zimbra webmail & if it is available in zimbra how to do ?

you answers and support is highly welcomed.

Yours faithfully
Moaz Refat
System Engineer.