If i add an carddav account to an ipad or iphone and sync the contacts of the address book everything seems to be ok BUT if i

1.) edit the contact on the iPad / iPone
2.) Sync the contact again

If the contact has a prefix / titel The Contact is no longer shown under the correct letter in the address book in Zimbra! I nailed it down that it has to be some problem with the "prefix" field in zimbra called "title" on the iPad or Iphone.

So let us say we have a contact "Angus Grey": If there is something in this titel / prefix field e.g. "Mr." the contact is listed under "M" in the zimbra address Book after editing it on the iPad / iPhone instead under "A" or "G" as expected !!! This is very annoying becaus after a time ALL contacts would be listed under M ?!?

Is there a way to work around this?