I seem to be having some weird DNS issues with the server. I do not have the ZCS server running as a dns server - only as a client. All requests are sent out to my main DNS server. Somehow, it has it in the cache somewhere that sbcglobal.net is at sbcglobal.net.mydomain.com.. I cannot seem to clear this entry wherever it may be at. I have changed the DNS server to 3 different servers and I get the same response. If I ping that name from another server, it resolves fine on the same DNS servers. So I can conclude that the ZCS server is resolving locally for this site and looking at the DNS servers for the others. Weird..So.. How do I clear the local DNS cache on a Zimbra server? Is there a local DNS cache that could be corrupted on the ZCS server?

A LOT of my outgoing mail is being deferred. The common error is connection timed out. Can this be related to a DNS issue? I have sent mail to the major providers (AOL,MSN,YAHOO) and about 60% of them time out. I have checked DNS resolution from the terminal and I am resolving the names and MX servers correctly. Do I need to enable some DNS checking on the server? What could be causing these messages to time out?

When I check the deferred window, all my mail seems to be coming from localhost.localdomain. I have the host file set correctly as per the instructions. ( localhost / zcs zcs."mydomain".com - replace "my domain" with my actual domain). Is this normal or should it say that mail orginates from zcs."my domain".com?

I'll post any log that needs to be seen. Just tell me what to post. I'm kinda a newbie at this mail stuff.

Thanks a million!

Confused??? So am I?