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Thread: Multi Domain in single server

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    Lightbulb Multi Domain in single server

    Dear All,

    required help for create multi domain in single server.

    i have install zcs 7.2 and configure and mail are working fine.
    i have also create MX and A record for same.

    now i want to create one more sub domain in this server like

    i have one more external IP for new domain but internal IP will be same.

    so please provide me step to create sub domain in this mail server.

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    Go to the Admin UI and create the domain you need then create external DNS A & MX records, that's all you need to do. I'd also suggest you read the Admin Guide (and search the forums and wiki for any further information you need) for details of how to administer a Zimbra server.


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    Adding Domain to Zimbra 8.02 Mail Server

    I. Configure your domain A and MX records (normally that is done via control panel of your registration entity e.g 1& , …), configure the following:
    - Create (A record) point to your Web server IP (most cases not Zimbra server).
    - Create (A record) and point it to you Zimbra IP address.
    - Edit the DNS configuration for and specify as your 1st Mail Exchanger (MX-record).
    - Create (A record) and point it to Zimbra IP address ( people accessing your web client will use this).
    II. Login to Zimbra Administration panel.
    - Click on “Configure” then “Domains” and click on the “gear” icon in the top right coroner. A drop down menu will appear select “new”

    - Enter your Domain name and select “https” for Public service protocol.
    - Click “Next”, select you mail server ( I used the default server)
    - Click “Next”, on the SSO window do not do anything and click “Next”
    - Authentication mechanism option depends on your setup, I used the Internal but if you have an AD/LDAP server here is the place to make your selection. Then click “Next”
    - On the “Virtual Hosts” window enter “
    - Then Click Finish
    III. Log into your server via ssh. You should be able to ping the

    Hope this helps

    Not responsible for any damage, email loss or server issue due to using this guide.
    Any updates/correction to procedure are welcome.

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