Hi all,

we just upgraded to ZCS 8.0.2 (coming from 7.2.0). Now I dont find a way to allow a user to send a mail using a distribution list as From: address.

Back in ZCS 7 it was possible to set zimbraAllowFromAddress:
zmprov ma account@domain.de +zimbraAllowFromAddress dl@domain.de

The user account@domain.de could now create a new persona and use dl@domain.de as From:/Reply-To address. ZCS 8 disallows the use of
dl as zimbraAllowFromAddress:
ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: zimbraAllowFromAddress may not contain a distribution list: dl@domain.de)

In AdminUI I did not find a way to easily set up sendAs permissions (it is easy to set this permissons on accounts - but I dont find the trigger
for DLs). Can someone give exact steps as how this should be setup now? We definitely need this feature.