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Thread: cant manage dynamic DL (error related with zimbraIsACLGroup)

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    Default cant manage dynamic DL (error related with zimbraIsACLGroup)


    im starting to create dynamic DL using the web or CLI, but dont load the users. Is necesary add it manually.

    When i try to do any process using the cli, obtain this error.

    ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: Custom memberURL is provided, zimbraIsACLGroup must be set to FALSE)


    ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: cannot modify memberURL when zimbraIsACLGroup is TRUE)

    when try to modify a empty Dynamic DL with this command:

    $ zmprov mdl memberURL 'ldap://??sub?(&(objectClass=zimbraAccount)(zimbraCOSId=e0 0428a1-0c00-11d9-836a-000d93afea2a)(zimbraAccountStatus=active))'

    what im doing wrong? im looking for any documentation, but cant found info about the error.(maybe some related with a bug for Zimbra 8.0.0, but is fixed).

    My zimbra version is
    Release 8.0.2.GA.5569.UBUNTU10.64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had the same problem. The solution is to add "zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE" to the command. From Zimbra Support:

    When you are creating dynamic DL you will have to use command in following way:-
    zmprov cddl memberURL 'ldap:///??sub?(objectClass=zimbraAccount)' zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE

    This seems to be missing, just append 'zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE' to your command and it will work.

    If you have create Dynamic DL from GUI already then you must first set zimbraIsACLGroup to FALSE as follows:-
    zmprov mdl zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE

    And then you can modify DL, if you create DL using command line as mentioned about then there be no need to set this to FALSE while editing as we had done it already.

    'zimbraIsACLGroup' is ACL which is used to manage member URL for Dynamic DL, if it is set to TRUE then we cannot modify memberURL attribute and hence we need to set it FALSE.

    Unless we set 'zimbraIsACLGroup' as FALSE we will not be able to modify member URL and DL will behave as normal DL and not as dynamic DL.

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