I am trying to upload a large bunch of files to Briefcase. I have mounted the user's briefcase thru webdav and copy+pasted a couple hundred megs to it in Win2003 (built in webdav client). It works, kind of. about every 100 file or so I get an error message saying "error copying one or more files" and I need to hit OK to resume. The file it has choked on would not get copied. There is nothing particular about these files, they are different formats, some with a space in the filename some without, some with latin2 chars some without.

I have read this wiki and I am wondering if I should bother zipping the stuff, scp'ing to the server and doing a restful upload through the zmmailbox command.

zmmailbox -z -m user1@domain.com postRestURL --contentType application/msword "stuff.doc" "/tmp/scpdzip/stuff.doc"
Anybody has any experience or best practice to share? TIA!