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Thread: Reassigning Mailboxes

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    Question Reassigning Mailboxes

    Hi folks, just a quick question.

    We recently had a change in a position and I would like to use the previous employee's (Margaret) mailbox as the new employee's (Phyllis) starting account due to the importance of the emails contained. It appears I can change the name and account login information to Phyllis just fine, but when she sends email, it still goes out as

    Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks for any and all help.

    Using Zimbra 7.2.1 on Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit.

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    I had this very same thing happen today. Check in the User's Preferences tab. Look under the Mail section on the left, in the Accounts sub-section. Toward the bottom you'll see an entry labeled "From: Choose the name that appears in the "From" field of email messages"

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