We are currently evaluating the Zimbra Appliance for use by our organization and for the past 4 weeks we've run into an issue where every Tuesday at around 6:00am Zimbra begins writing to the zmmailboxd.out log until it fills the drive its on or we stop it. For example, last week it wrote 180Gb to the log in 35mins and this week we caught it at 56Gb. So far our solution has been to have the logs save to a large drive and to reset the service in the morning to stop the log file growing but this obviously is not a good way of doing it.

In the log it seems to be writing several kilobytes of junk on each line, for example a line will look something like the following:

2013-01-22 06:51:53.924:WARNejh.HttpParser:Full [1045690064,-1,m=0,g=16916,p=16916,c=16916]={ xxxxx }{}
where the "xxxxx" is several K of repeating numbers such as 4141414141.... or 585858585858....... Posting the logs would be impractical based on there size (the smallest one is 20Gb) but I can post snipets if they will help.

The full version string from the About box is: 8.0.2_GA_5569.NETWORK Dec 10, 2012 and from the appliance menu: zca-

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.