We just upgraded from 8.0 to 8.0.2 open source edition.

The situation is:
We have forwarded addresses configured on our Zimbra. Emails are forwarded Blackberry.

After the upgrade to 8.0.2, BB users are complaining that local emails alone are received twice. External emails are properly received.
We tested this with gmail as well and it seems there is a problem.

If employee A sends an email to employee Z, the email is received by Z in outlook client once but received twice on B's blackberry. If the forwarded to account is gmail, then the gmail inbox shows two copies of the emails. Same is the case if Employee A sends an email to himself -> received once in Outlook and twice in BB.

When examined the header of the two emails, we found same time stamp (10:56:58 +0000 UTC). Looking at the header of the two messages, it is clear that the message has been scanned twice and queued twice in Zimbra. Tailing zimbra.log with -f also shows that emails are scanned twice and queued twice with distinct IDs.

I read something similar: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...ned-twice.html and apparently this is fixed in 8.0.3?

Our users are still complaining and is there any way we can ask zimbra to queue the message only once (just like it should).

Thank you.