Hi all,

I had to restore a rather large mailbox (7.5GB) to a restored_ account on one of our servers that make use of HSM. The restore finished without errors or warnings. The restored_ account had ~30.000 items.

When the user accessed the restored_ mailbox he reported many "NO_SUCH_BLOB" errors in the WebUI. After investigation it turned out, that HSM items where not accessible through WebUI. However: the blobs were corretly restored (I found all the items in /opt/zimbra/hsm/0/<mailboxid> ). I was able to reindex the restored_ mailbox and it was possible to move the restored_ mailbox to another server (ZCS Multiserver install). But the problem persisted.

zmblobchk reported missing blobs in /opt/zimbra/store and unexpected blobs in /opt/zimbra/hsm (exactly the same amount). So I simply tried to copy all the items from /opt/zimbra/hsm to /opt/zimbra/store. The result was a error free mailbox....

I am not sure what is the expected behavior: should zmrestore put all blobs to /opt/zimbra/store or should /opt/zimbra/hsm be populated as well? However, BLOB referrences in mysql must match...

Can someone confirm this?

Thanx and regards