All - I was quite excite to install zimbra 8 and so far its great aesthetically and appears easier to manage. Thank you all the developers and contributors.

Now comes my issue, In 7.2 Zimbra, I was using the backup script that does rsync cold backup, then stops zimbra, kills any remaining process and rsyncs again. Then it creates and archive etc... It was great, but now it looks like by design there is an empty 80GB data.mdb in /data/ldap/mdb/db/data.mdb and while doing du - c <dbfile> shows its not even 1M, when Rsync tries to copy the db file it copies 80GBs . So basically the script is kinda useless unless i want to wait an hour or so to make a backup and then time to transfer.

I had another zimbra instance that was at 7.2 and i upgraded to 8.0.2 and it does doesnt appear to have a problem. Only when I do a clean install.

Is this normal? Is there a workaround? Can we make it so that data.mdb displays actual size?

I appreciate any feed back. I would like to know how people are backing up their Zimbra 8.0 boxes.

Thank you,