Hi all,

i am managing a mail zimbra 6, i have a problem when receiving email. This is my description:

my email domain: @abc.com
some users: user1@abc.com, user2@abc.com, user3@abc.com

my email customer domain:@xyz.com
some users: user4@xyz.com, user5@xyz.com
on mail server of my customer they created an distribution list: aaa@xyz.com including: user4@xyz.com, user1@abc.com, user2@abc.com, user3@abc.com

Problem is:

when user4@xyz.com sent an email to distribution list aaa@xyz.com, it sent to user4@xyz ok, but it did not send to user1@abc.com, user2@abc.com,
user3@abc.com. it sent to mail admin of zimbra server admin@abc.com

i dont know why that and i tried with google app mail server instead of my customer, it is the same.

hoping that you can help me.

Thank you,