We had an issue with our Zimbra server today. Our disks filled up and so we deleted 400 Meg of space and then shutdown the zimbra server. LDAP would not stop so they killed the process with a kill -9 and when we broght zimbra back up, one of the domains (the main one) was gone.

I can log in as a user and see all of the email, but, I can not log into the admin console on :7071 and we cannot recieve any email from the outside world.

If we do a "zmprov getalldomains" brought back all domains except for the main one. If we try to create another admin user in the domain, it comes back with a "ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_DOMAIN (no such domain: )".

Can we re-add the domain, at the cli, back into the system and still get to the mailboxes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is our production email server