Have done a Test Migration from Centos5 with Zimbra 7.2.2 Network Edition to Centos 6 with Zimbra 8.0.2 to another Server. It worked, the only thing i'm missing is the Admin Zimlet for Backup/Restore.

- com_zimbra_backupandrestore.zip is present in /opt/zimbra/zimlets-network
- I've done a redeploy with "zmzimletctl deploy com_zimbra_backuprestore.zip" and " zmmailboxdctl restart". No error output
- com_zimbra_backupandrestore.zip is present in /opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed

Still i have no "Backup/Restore" in the Admin Gui under "Tools". In the Gui under "Configuration" -> "Admin-Extensions" i see the "Backup/Restore" Zimlet and with right-click and deploy i can even deploy it from the Gui but this also doesn't work.

How do i activate the Backup/Restore Admin Zimlet. Under 7.2.2 it worked pretty well.