Forgive me if this is a mundane question or if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I'm new here!

I have several users who have used the export feature to archive their accounts. They've saved their full account info as one .tgz file, and they're able to unzip the files and extract the data. The .eml files are accessible just fine, but the Contacts only seem to come through as Contacts.meta and EmailedContacts.meta.

What program do I advise them to use in order to open these .meta files and view their contacts? Ideally I'd like to tell them how to convert it into a .csv file that they can use in Outlook. They're not able to access the Zimbra account any longer, so exporting the Address Book by itself as a .csv archive is no longer an option. They need to work with the exported data that they currently have. Any help?

Thank you.