After changing hostname on my ZCS 7 installation per wiki_ZmSetServerName, the indicated check shows that the zimbraSshPublicKey still references the old hostname when I perform the check listed in the wiki instructions:
zmprov gs `zmhostname` | grep oldservername
zimbraBackupReportEmailRecipients: contact@somedomain
zimbraSshPublicKey: ssh-dss blahblahblah....
blahblahblah== oldservername
A) I don't yet see a problem with this, and I tried the following test and wasn't prompted for a password
ssh -i .ssh/zimbra_identity -o strictHostKeyChecking=no zimbra@oldhostname
B) Could there be a problem that I haven't yet detected?

C) Shouldn't I change "things" so that the new hostname is used?

In addition, a high-level summary of when this ssh key is used in this case could be very much appreciated.