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Thread: no graphical logging - have to install logger service - ZCS 8.0.2 Centos 6

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    Default no graphical logging - have to install logger service - ZCS 8.0.2 Centos 6

    Hi there,

    I wrote some weeks ago a post here about failtures in my logging. There was no ideas found and so I tried my best to fix it on my own.

    I installed a complete new machine with the sames versions. Tried it with new configured users a few days, and found that everything is working well. So i did a transfer of my active zimbra installation to the new machine. Sync and everything around was perfekt and everything works good I thought.

    I became crazy. If I take a look at the management console I get the old thing "no logging found, you have to install the logger service" - Not absolutely this words, because I have a german installation. Well, what the **** should I do? - The logger must be installed, otherwise the new installed system would show the same, and there is everything ok.
    The error must be in /opt/zimbra/ ... but where

    Do anybody know some points I can check? - My zimbra.log and all the other files under /var/log/ are filled with data, but it would not be generate a graphical logging in the management console under 7071.

    Thats so boring because everything works, only this stupid logging interface not. It is a feeling of, there is something generally wrong. I dont think it is, but maybe you know what I mean !?!

    Greetz Centro

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    Have you look at any of the forum threads that cover this topic, did you try any of the solutions in those threads? Have you looked at wiki article on troubleshooting this problem? You'll have to give us details on what you've tried so far and what the results were of any changes you made.


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    Hi Bill,

    Yes I used the forum posts, yes I did everything I found. (I cloned the machine and did it not on the live system) - But nothing would help. The only thing I can absolutly say is, the error must be in the /opt/zimbra . May it sounds stupid, but I thought the error is really on a service of the server. The server is perfect, and did his job with the new installed /opt/zimbra files.

    I found a post from 2008, ZCS 5.XX ... there is something written about a reset of logging and so on. - But the bugfile to this shows an error screenshot. I get no direkt error popup, ony the yellow sign on the indexsite.

    I would be happy if anybody give me a idea where I can search next. The loggs are there, the error is only in converting the loggs into zcs.

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