Hi there,

I wrote some weeks ago a post here about failtures in my logging. There was no ideas found and so I tried my best to fix it on my own.

I installed a complete new machine with the sames versions. Tried it with new configured users a few days, and found that everything is working well. So i did a transfer of my active zimbra installation to the new machine. Sync and everything around was perfekt and everything works good I thought.

I became crazy. If I take a look at the management console I get the old thing "no logging found, you have to install the logger service" - Not absolutely this words, because I have a german installation. Well, what the **** should I do? - The logger must be installed, otherwise the new installed system would show the same, and there is everything ok.
The error must be in /opt/zimbra/ ... but where

Do anybody know some points I can check? - My zimbra.log and all the other files under /var/log/ are filled with data, but it would not be generate a graphical logging in the management console under 7071.

Thats so boring because everything works, only this stupid logging interface not. It is a feeling of, there is something generally wrong. I dont think it is, but maybe you know what I mean !?!

Greetz Centro