My vSphere environment is currently in a state of flux and I need to bring a host down temporarily (30 minutes?). My other host doesn't have the power to take over all of the duties of the first (in process of doubling my server count to fix this). Actually, I'm opening the first host to compare hardware between existing servers and new ones and to upgrade firmware and vSphere.

That said, my Zimbra environment has 2x LDAP, 2x SMTP, 2x Mailstore, 1x Proxy VMs. If I leave up the primary LDAP and an SMTP, will my environment not lose any messages? I understand that clients wouldn't be able to retrieve them if the mailstores and proxy were down. My thought was that the LDAP would still authenticate accounts and SMTP would just hold the messages until the Mailstores were back online. Due to the current setup, there would be some downtime when the VMs moved to the new host.

When the primary LDAP goes down, do the other servers automatically poll the backup LDAP? How do I test they poll it properly?