We'd like to migrate some of our users from a Network Edition install of 6.0.15 to ZCS appliance v8.0.2 for tests (ultimately, it should be a "proper" installation of ZCS NE, but that's not yet determined and out of scope for this post). I've read the documenation zmztozmig, including the Wiki entry. There (and elsewhere), I read that account preferences are not imported on the new server.

For migrating the mail filter sieve script, I've read Zimbra mailbox import/export and migration of e-mail filter rules « Spheron1, which tells you to do zmprov ga user@test.com zimbraMailSieveScript to get a dump and import that. Fine. I can do that.

What other "important" settings do I lose, when I migrate with zmztozmig?

From that Spheron1 post, I get that zimbraPrefMailSignatureHTML and zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeReply will also be missing. And I understand that shared items will also be gone (ie. the setting who can access a shared item).

Or, maybe, can you suggest a route/tool which would allow to do the migration without losing preferences and anything else? Would the ZeXtras migration tool be the way to go? Also for Network Edition users? It lists that ZCA (appliance) is "untested".