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Thread: Daylight Problem timezone

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    Default Daylight Problem timezone

    Good night guys,

    I come to the forum use your help to solve a problem that bothering me a little,

    My problem is this, when I get the emails they are showing -1 hour,

    For example I send an email 15 hours and shows it was received 14 hours

    In zimbra logs the time is right, when I go into the server server status is right,

    The time on linux is correct, the field is correct and COS correct, as all are GMT -3

    Could someone help me?

    [zimbra@mail root]$ zmcontrol -v
    Release 7.2.1_GA_2790.RHEL6_64_20120815212147 CentOS6_64 FOSS edition.

    [root@mail ~]# date
    Seg Fev 4 21:45:48 BRST 2013

    [root@mail ~]# hwclock
    Seg 04 Fev 2013 21:46:04 BRST -0.275741 segundos

    [zimbra@mail root]$ zmprov gc default | grep zimbraPrefTimeZoneId
    zimbraPrefTimeZoneId: (GMT-03.00) America/Sao_Paulo

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