we are facing in backup issue. we have total 619 users where 26 January,2012 full backup size 89 GB but 2 February,2012 full backup failed due to size issue. when we check the actual size of full backup it is showing 290 GB which is imposable.

please help asap.


zmbackupquery -lb full-20121231.055116.119
Label: full-20121231.055116.119
Type: full
Status: in progress
Started: Mon, 2012/12/31 11:21:16.119 IST
Redo log sequence range: 1260 .. 1260
Currently backing up:
Number of accounts: 374 out of 619 completed

Total space: 297576MB
Free space: 115765MB
cd /opt/zimbra/backup/session
[zimbra@cluster sessions]$ ll
total 56
drwxr-x--- 6 zimbra zimbra 4096 Jan 26 02:05 full-20121221.193005.729
drwxr-x--- 6 zimbra zimbra 4096 Feb 2 01:03 full-20121226.193337.434

[zimbra@cluster sessions]$ du -sh full-20121221.193005.729
89G full-20121221.193005.729
[zimbra@cluster sessions]$ du -sh full-20121226.193337.434
2.7M full-20121226.193337.434
[zimbra@cluster sessions]$